Happy Lunar New Year! 🐰🐱

While it’s generally believed that 2023 is the Year of the Rabbit, did you know that in Vietnamese culture it’s actually the Year of the Cat? 

There is a folk story that explains how each animal in the Chinese zodiac was given their place in the 12-year cycle.

According to the website of the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh chapter, the Buddha 🪷 summoned all the animals together for a banquet 🍱so he could assign them a particular year in the cycle.

Animals were bestowed a year in the order of their arrivals. When the cat heard the news, he notified his friend, the rat, and the two made plans to go together the next day.🐈🐀 

However, the cat lived up to its lazy reputation and slept in the next morning.  As the rat did not bother to wake up his friend, the cat did not make it to Buddha’s meeting. He was not given a year in the Chinese zodiac. This legend not only clarifies the cat’s absence from the zodiac, but also explains why cats hate rats — the rat betrayed the cat. 😾

Meanwhile, the rat made its way to the  assembly, but not without more tricks.

Knowing that it would be hard to beat the larger animals to the meeting, the rat enlisted the help of the ox 🐂 who allowed the rodent to ride on its head. The two continued on their journey together. But right before their arrival, the rat jumped off the ox’s head and rushed to the finish line first.

The rat’s wily ways earned him the first year in the zodiac cycle followed by the ox.

So regardless of whether you celebrate the Year of the Rabbit or Cat, may 2023 bring you good fortune, longevity and prosperity! 🧧😍🇻🇳 

Kimmé Myles

Matching her knowledge of Toronto’s eclectic mix of central core neighbourhoods and impassioned by her diverse mix of buyers and sellers, Kimmé is naturally motivated to create a positive and professional experience. Kimmé does her homework and knows her inventory. She is genuine, honest and a straight shooter. Nor is she afraid to think “outside the box” as she employs creative strategies to make dreams become reality.

Born and raised in Toronto and coming from a successful fashion background in design and management, Kimmé could not have met a better match for her entrepreneurial skills than by working in Real Estate. Inspired by her father, well known Toronto clothier to the stars, “Lou Myles”, she learned from a very young age to work hard and strive for excellence.

Licensed since 2005 as a full time Sales Representative and a Broker since 2016, she continues to be proud to be affiliated with the Toronto office of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada and to be part of the highly respected world renowned global luxury brokerage, Sotheby’s International Realty.

Kimmé has received numerous sales awards throughout her career including the prestigious Gairdner, Diamond and President’s Awards. She has completed extensive negotiation training and is among a select group of realtors in Canada to hold the Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE) Designation and the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) Designation. In addition, she is a member of the prestigious U.S. based Institute of Luxury Home Marketing and also carries the Luxe – Luxury Listing Specialist Designation. She holds the SRS Designation – Seller Representation Specialist and the SRES Designation –Senior Real Estate Specialist – both accredited programs through NAR – The National Association of Realtors, USA.

Entrusted with the life choices of her clients, Kimmé is truly honoured to have the opportunity to serve and assist others and does so with integrity, commitment and enthusiasm.

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