Kimmé’s Philosophy on Selling Your Home

Selling your home is a BIG DEAL. If we think for a moment on what really makes a home, the answer isn’t a simple as a particular type of dwelling whether a house, condo or apartment .

A house is a structure built on a foundation comprised of a series of systems from the plumbing to the electricity to the floors to the roof and pretty much everything in between. But a home is much much more. A home is our sanctuary where we can be comforted and feel buffered from the stress of life. A home is our sacred space where we find safety, privacy and nourishment . A home is where we share our most intimate moments with our loved ones, where we can raise our families,  where we find respite, where we can freely live, love, laugh and cry.

When I have the privilege of consulting with a client about selling their home,  I recognize that this house, this condo is so much more than what it looks like regardless of whether they have  fancy bed linens or not. We have such an emotional and physical connection with our homes.

I often meet my clients well in advance of when they actually put their properties on the market. I have found that people need to be allowed the space and time to go through the process. I’m ultimately there to facilitate the sale of the house but also to help people walk through the “getting ready”  process well before they go to market.

We all know that in real estate, timing is important in terms of when to sell. What’s even more important though is that a seller is to ready to sell. As I said, selling your home is a BIG DEAL and the decision to sell is not always easy.

Change is hard for us humans. An empty nester moving from the burbs to enjoy the twinkle of city life in theory sounds like great fun but in reality, it’s damn hard moving from somewhere you’ve been living for 30 years. Overwhelming too. If we can’t envision where we will be next, what it will look like and whether we’ll feel “at home” there, then we might as well stay put.

This is why for me it’s so important to ensure that clients know that they’ll be just as happy in their next home as they were in the home they’re selling. Some people prefer to buy first and then sell. The idea of selling first is akin to jumping into a dark abyss with a blindfold on. Not a lot of fun. At times just spending an afternoon together perusing prospective homes for sale will excite and really jumpstart the process. Some folks just know they’ll find something and are completely comfortable with selling first. They thrive on the adventure of the unknown.

We’ve all heard that how well a home “shows” has a huge impact on value.   It’s rare that I enter a home that doesn’t need some decluttering or sprucing up.  But guess what? I’m not a huge believer of completely staging a home. Staging has it’s place, there’s no question. Sometimes it’s just plain necessary. But what I prefer to do is to “style” a home rather than stage a home.

I don’t believe in having my clients spend money which doesn’t necessarily bring a great return in value even if aesthetically it might be “on trend”.  I do advise though … often with a fine tooth comb  on what needs to be done to show the home in it’s best light. If simple things like moving some furniture around, painting a wall or a hallway, changing out the cracked faucet in the bathroom or putting seasonal  flowers on the table will make your home shine, then I’m all for it.  A clean, decluttered well kept home speaks volumes as it speaks to the way you’ve maintained your home not just what you can see, but what’s behind the walls.

It’s ok that the home shows the owner’s character. It’s ok that the home isn’t contrived or just like in the design magazines. What’s especially key is to know who the “buyer”  is. Who is going to buy your home? What’s their demographic? What’s their age? income? Lifestyle?  Hey, if that “buyer”  appreciates the little quirks of your home, even better!

Regardless of the circumstances, my first and foremost concern is for you. You have to be comfortable with everything we do. I say “we” because as your agent, I’m not just there to sell the house and move on. I’m there to advise and consult and to help you feel confident and secure with where you are going in your life. I recognize that selling is a life change and I take the honour of being entrusted with the sale of your home very seriously. I’ve heard the horror stories when it comes to lack of service, trust me. No request is too big or small and  I will stop short of nothing to ensure you have a great experience in every way.

So these are just  few of my philosophies. I’m always up for a chat about real estate and your home. Text, email or call me. I’d like to introduce you to a refreshing real estate experience.


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