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Toronto Homeowners + Debt – What’s Smart. What’s Not.

In the recently published  “Manulife Bank Debt Survey”  it was suggested that 27% of the 2373 Canadians questioned about their debt levels don’t consider mortgages to be debt. One can argue that real estate is the only investment that you can live in.  You can’t live inside your stock portfolio but our homes serve one […]


Importance of a Mortgage Preapproval When Buying a Home in Toronto

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What is a Preapproval? A pre approval is the evaluation of a potential borrower by a lender that determines whether the borrower qualifies for a loan by the lender. It also denotes the maximum amount that the lender would be willing to lend. The pre approval process involves a thorough look at the income and […]

Market News

October Home Prices Highest of 2014

Outpacing last October by 7.7% there were 8552 sales reported through the TorontoMLS system in October 2014. The number of listings was up by a lesser 3.4%. The market price of homes continued to rise as did the activity. Pressured by the lack of product, the average selling price went up to $587,705 for the […]

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